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Triad AANN 2017 Planning

Posted almost 2 years ago by Christina Taylor

Hey Everyone, 
There have been a couple of attempts to get a group together to do the 2017 Triad AANN planning for the year. This is very important, but takes more than 1 or 2 people to accomplish and ensure we meet the needs of "all of you" the membership. 
With less than 5 responses total (thanks to the 5 that did respond) and only 2 that had availability I need your help. 
1.  Are you interested in assisting in planning and participating in the Triad AANN planning for 2017?  If "no" I will take you off of this email string. 
2.  Would an initial planning call work better ?
3.  Are you interesting in a board member position on the Triad AANN board? 
4. Can you provide 5 dates and times that would work best for a call or a local meeting? Should we wait until after the National Meeting or can we come together before?
5. Do you have topics that you want to learn more about in 2017? 
6. Do you have topics that you would like to present on to the Triad AANN? 
7. In addition to educational meetings would you like to have general networking events to participate in? 
Many of you may have received an email with this same message, but this is another method of trying to reach those that may be interested and have time to help!
I appreciate anyone and everyone's input and look forward to getting our year planned out for the chapter!!
Christina Taylor
President, Triad AANN


Rayetta Johnson over 1 year ago

1. I am interested.
2. A conference call would work well.
3.I am interested in board.
4.Feb. 13-3pm,4pm,5pm; Feb. 14-5pm; Feb.16 5pm
5. Endovascular tx of acute stroke, tx of seizures (I have pharma reps and speakers for each topic)

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